About Us

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, communities are coming together to volunteer their time, resources and passion to help keyworkers. It is vital that their precious efforts reach those who need it most. Equally there is a need to make it easier and quicker for keyworkers to access community resources.

#Wegotyourback is a key worker focussed initiative that captures their requirements and then tries to find community initiatives that could help. It saves key workers precious time and effort.

How we help key workers:

  1. Our website allows key workers to upload their requirements easily.

  1. Our team of volunteers then matches the needs of the key workers to community projects that are keen to help.

  1. Once we confirm a community project that can help, we put the project in touch with the key worker. If required our volunteers will even coordinate delivery of the goods to the key worker.

How we help Community based initiatives:

  1. Community initiatives can upload what they can offer to our website. Our volunteers will help their efforts reach keyworkers quickly and efficiently.

  1. We can facilitate community projects to combine their efforts, share expertise and best practice in order to help more key workers. Our industry contacts can help source raw material utilising economies of scale across multiple initiatives. It keeps the prices down and enables us all to help more key workers.

  1. For projects creating PPE, we have partnered with University of Sheffield to provide industry leading advice, helping community-based projects to standardise their output and ensure quality standards that will keep our key workers safe.

  2. We are also working with NHS PPE experts to provide their guidance and expertise with materials and processes. For community projects struggling with logistics and coordination, volunteers from our initiative are able to help deliver to the key workers.

How can you help?


On social media please use #wegotyourback. It allows community projects to quickly signpost their donation offers and for key workers to easily locate these offers using this simple hashtag.


If you identify a community initiative that is keen to help key workers, tell them about wegotyourback.org.uk and encourage them to register with the initiative as it will make it easier for their efforts to reach key workers.

Please like and share our social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter @Wegotyourbackuk